NJ Wreck Diving

Some information about some of our most popular and frequent destinations.



Type: Clyde-Mallory Lines (sailing under Ward Lines)

Name: A tribe of Iroquoian Indians of the eastern New York area. Three identical sisters were named Cherokee, Seminole, and Algonquin

Built: 1926, Newport News VA USA (Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.)

Specs: (387 x 54 ft) 5897 gross tons, 163 passengers & crew

Sunk: Thursday January 25, 1935 collision with Norwegian freighter Talisman - 45 casualties

Depth: 80 ft max



Type: shipwreck, freighter, Chile ( originally Denmark )

Name: Tolten is a city on the central coast of Chile.

Built: 1938, Denmark, as Lotta

Specs: (280 x 43 ft) 1858 gross tons, 28 crew

Sunk: Friday March 13, 1942 torpedoed by U-404 - 27 casualties

Depth: 95 ft


Stolt Dagali

Type: tanker, Norway

Name: Stolt is the name of the line that owned the ship; it translates "proud". Dagali is a mountain valley in Norway.

Built: 1955, Denmark, as Dagali

Specs: (582 x 70 ft) 12723 gross tons, 43 crew

Sunk: Thursday November 26, 1964 (Thanksgiving day) collision with liner Shalom ( 25,338 tons ) - 19 casualties

Depth: 130 ft, starts at 60 ft



Type: Freighter, Netherlands

Built: 1930, New Castle England, as Petersfield

Specs: (412 x 55 ft) 5163 gross tons, 43 crew

Sunk: Tuesday April 28, 1942
torpedoed by U-136 - 6 casualties

Depth: 140 ft max; 110 ft min; 125 ft typical


Maurice Tracy

Type: Collier, USA

Built: 1916, Ashtabula OH USA, as Nordstrand, later Sekstant

Specs: (253 x 43 ft) 2468 gross tons

Sunk: Saturday June 17, 1944
collision with freighter Jesse Billingsley - no casualties

Depth: 70 ft


R.P. Resor

Type: Tanker, USA

Name: Named for R P Resor, Treasurer of Standard Oil.

Built: 1936, Kearny NJ USA

Specs: (435 x 66 ft) 7451 gross tons, 49 crew

Sunk: Friday February 28, 1942 torpedoed by U-578 - 2 survivors

Depth: 125 ft



Type: Freighter, Netherlands

Name: The Pinta was one of three sister ships named for Columbus' original three vessels, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Built: 1959, Denmark

Specs: (194 x 31 ft) 1000 gross tons, 12 crew

Sunk: Wednesday May 8, 1963 collision with freighter City of Perth ( 7547 tons) - no casualties

Depth: 85 ft, starts at 55 ft


USS Algol

Type: Andromeda class attack transport ( freighter ), U.S. Navy, also known as a "Victory Ship", although often incorrectly referred to as a Liberty Ship

Name: One of a series of Navy transports named for stars; Algol is a star in the constellation Perseus, also known as the Demon star.

Built: 1943; Oakland CA USA, as James Barnes

Specs: (459 x 63 ft) 13910 displacement tons, 429 crew

Sunk: Thursday November 22, 1991

Depth: 145 ft +, starts at 70 ft, main deck at 110 ft


Great Isaac

Type: Tugboat, U.S. War Shipping Administration (Navy)

Name: All the ships of this class were named for lighthouses in the U.S., except for the Great Isaac, which is in the Bahamas.

Built: 1944, Boston MA USA

Specs: (185 x 37 ft) 1117 gross tons, 27 crew

Sunk: Wednesday April 16, 1947 collision with Norwegian freighter Bandeirante - no casualties

Depth: 90 ft


San Saba

Type: Freighter, USA

Name: San Saba is a river in central Texas, a tributary of the Colorado River of Texas.

Built: 1879, Chester PA USA, as Colorado

Specs: (306 x 39 ft) 2458 gross tons, 37 crew

Sunk: Friday October 4, 1918 struck mine laid by U-117 - 30 casualties

Depth: 80 ft


Coney Island

Type: Tanker, sludge

Built: 1938, Staten Island NY USA

Specs: (250 x 40 ft)

Sponsor: Crystal Oil Corporation, Marine Trades Assn. of NJ, Fisherman Magazine

Sunk: Thursday September 10, 1987

Depth: 125 ft, starts at 80 ft


Sam Berman

Type: Tanker

Built: 1947, Brooklyn NY USA as Philip Lemler

Specs: (160 x 30 ft) 478 tons

Sunk: Thursday September 10, 1987

Depth: 125 ft



Type: Liner, Cunard Line, England

Built: 1881, Scotland

Specs: (518 x 54 ft) 7500 gross tons, 845 passengers & crew

Sunk: Monday March 14, 1886 collision, probably with schooner Charles R Morse - no casualties

Depth: 125 ft, highest point 85 ft


USS San Diego

Type: Armored cruiser, U.S. Navy

Built: 1904, San Francisco USA, as U.S.S. California

Specs: (503 x 70 ft) 13680 displacement tons

Sunk: Friday July 19, 1918 explosion, probably struck a mine laid by U-156 officially 6 casualties, probably 30-40 in reality

Depth: 110 ft, starts at 65 ft


Gulf Trade

Type: Tanker, USA ( Gulf Oil )

Name: One of a series of ships owned by Gulf Oil company, all named "Gulf ____"

Built: 1920, Chester PA USA

Specs: (430 x 59 ft) 6776 gross tons, 34 crew

Sunk: Tuesday March 10, 1942 torpedoed by U-588 - 18 casualties

Depth: bow - 60 ft ; stern - 90 ft